The pianoforte was born here, in Tuscany, in 1700. BIANCHI E NERI PIANO FEST TUSCANY pays homage to this glorious instrument in the new location of the A.S.B.U.C. Auditorium in Migliarino Pisano. Each evening presents a feast for the senses with great music and delicious cuisine, for a music festival that exalts the highest expressions of Tuscan excellence. 

The 2017 edition of Bianchi e Neri Piano Fest Tuscany promotes adventurous paths and introduces exciting novelties. As usual, we will presents the masterpieces of piano literature of all time alongside lesser known works, but the concerts will start at 8,30PM, will have an approximate duration of 70 minutes, and will be followed by a delicious standing dinner. The three concerts will each follow a specific theme: French Scents ( the adventures of Babar the little elephant, narrated by the sumptuous voice of Alberto Batisti, crown this programme amidst lovesick heroines, mystic meditations and irresistible parodies by Rossini for an evening scented with French musical perfumes), Eine Deutsche Nacht  (the timeless German tradition of Bach and Beethoven, here expressed with masterpieces small and large, is reflected in a special banquet devoted exclusively to tasty German delicacies for “A German Night” in Tuscany.), and Nocturne of Song and Dance (A “nocturne” among suave melodies and devilish virtuoso stunts. The programme includes the world premiere of “At dinner with Puccini”, a recital of original letters penned by the Luccan Maestro and devoted to food.).