I. The Harmonious DiVine

First Concert, Tuesday August 2nd 2016, 8PM

The Harmonious DiVine
An exilarating adventure between elation and spirituality in four centuries of music.
Jean-Baptiste LULLY (Florence, 1632 – Paris, 1687)
Suite de Pieces in e minor
Allemande, Air tendre, Gavotte, Sarabande, Gigue

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (Bonn, 1770 – Vienna, 1827)
Sonata No.5 in for piano and violin Op.24 “spring”
Adagio molto espressivo
Scherzo:allegro molto
Rondò: allegro ma non troppo

Ferruccio BUSONI (Empoli, 1866 – Berlin, 1924)
Sonatina Terza “ad usum infantis, pro clavicimbalo composita”

Franz LISZT (Raiding, 1811 – Beyreuth, 1866)
Two Franciscan Legends:
-San Francis of Assisi: the preaching to the birds
-San Francis of Paola walks on the waves

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