Review of New Year Concert, by Riccardo Sordi

“Concert for the new year” at the Teatro della Rosa



Bartoli’s technical abilities and interpretations were absolutely marvellous. One could sense his great mastery of the instrument in his care and in his touch that was capable of feather lightness and supreme power. Bartoli appeared to become one with the piano, almost as if the instrument needed all his physical might to give back fully what the pianist wanted. […] In the Lully, a work from the baroque era, Bartoli broke the chains of time and brushed away the centuries old dust from the score, demonstrating its astounding modernity. A wealth of tone colour and a powerfully expressive touch enriched an extraordinary piece such as the Bach-Busoni Chaconne, a wonderful work of a great formal complexity that Bartoli performed with great elegance and mastery […]. In the Mephisto Waltz No. 1 by  Liszt-Busoni, Bartoli gave a complex interpretation, a rare and precious testament of the visionary spirit of a great pianist upon the work of another.

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