pianofortissimo launched

Mr Bartoli’s three-date concert series in the magnificent Gipsoteca od Ancient Art in Pisa has been announced today. Within the three recitals, which will take place on Fridays March 23rd, April 6th and April 20th, Mr Bartoli will survey a sizable amount of piano literature spanning four centuries of music making. Each concert is themed around a significant chapter of the piano’s history, beginning with “A tea in Vienna” with works by Haydn, Schubert and Beethoven. “A vojage to Italy” charts the Romantics reaction to the musical allure of the belpaese with works by Frescobaldi-Respighi, Clementi and Liszt, while “The pianist at the opera” covers the fantastic influence that musical drama exterted in the concert hall.


We are delighted to announce that Mr Bartoli has joined Team Karin Burger, the leading agency for public speakers in Germany. In 2018, Ms Burger has added a list of select performing artists to her notable roster of speakers with a view to giving her clients an enlarged option pool for corporate entertainment and conference organization. More info (in German) can be obtained here: http://team-karin-burger.de/Sandro-Ivo-Bartoli/


Two more rave reviews have come in covering Mr Bartoli’s recent Puccini album. Mr Joseph Andrew Newsome on Voix des Arts wrote that (Bartoli’s performances) “celebrate the beauties of Puccini’s music with a blaze of passion that no pseudo-academic disapprobation can wholly extinguish”, while Ron Schepper on Textura commented: “Of the fourteen selections, four will be the most familiar to Puccini devotees, “Vissi d’arte,” “Un bel di vedremi,” “Coro a boccia chiusa” (the well-known “Humming Chorus” from Madama Butterfly), and “Piccolo Valzer,” an early piano setting that eventually became “Musetta’s Waltz” from La bohème. The latter serves as a representative illustration of the recording in the elegance with which Bartoli voices its tender melodies, and how expertly he effects the tempo modulations and realizes the song’s entrancing lilt”. Read the full reviews here (Voix-des-Arts): http://www.voix-des-arts.com/2018/01/personal-perspectives-sandro-ivo.html and here (Textura): http://www.textura.org/archives/b/bartoli_puccini.htm

Impressive reviews of new Solaire’s CDs on the international press.

Mr Bartoli’s two recent releases on Solaire Records continue to reap rave reviews on the international press. The Bach album was highly praised by Aart van der Wal on Opus klassiek.nl (“Bartoli’s Bach represents the highest form of narrative art […] The momentum is consistent, the presentation overwhelming, the persuasive force impressing. Bartoli’s playing is just incredibly beautiful, to be honest”. Full review, in Dutch, here: https://www.opusklassiek.nl/cd-recensies/cd-aw/bach79.htm  The same notable reviewer also enjoyed Mr Bartoli’s recording of Giacomo Puccini complete piano music and opera transcriptions, writing “…Master pianist Sandro Ivo Bartoli makes great moments of these miniatures, and it may be regretted that this great Italian opera composer did not write more for the piano”. Full review, in Dutch, here:  https://www.opusklassiek.nl/cd-recensies/cd-aw/puccini03.htm Another excellent appraisal of Mr Bartoli’s Puccini recording came from France, where Monsieur Thierry Vagne published a sensitive and well informed account of the recording on Musique classique & Co: “A great artist! […] It is incomprehensible that a a pianist of this level is almost never invited to play in France”. Full review, in French, here: http://vagnethierry.fr/giacomo-puccini-sandro-ivo-bartoli/


Mr Bartoli’s Bach CD, released this month by Solaire Records, has been received with rave reviews in the international press. Read Mr Dominy Clements’s account on MusicWeb International here: http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2017/Nov/Bach_keyboard_SOL1006.htm, Mr Thierry Vagne’s superb appraisal on Musique Classique & Co here: http://vagnethierry.fr/bach-sandro-ivo-bartoli/ and IClassical wonderful review here: https://iclassical.co.uk/?p=664 You can sample some of Mr Bartoli’s Bach interpretations on Solaire Records’ website here: http://solairerecords.com/product/johann-sebastian-bach-preludes-fantasias-and-minuets/